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PVC Hose Suppliers in Western Australia

Westate’s PVC hose is specifically designed to be the most versatile and economical fluid dispensing solution for the agricultural, manufacturing and construction industries.

PVC tubing is used for distributing chemicals for irrigation lines and as transfer hoses for grains, feeds, powders, gas and fuel. Their multipurpose functions make this type of tubing a must-have product. Flexible PVC hoses increase overall productivity by streamlining day-to-day activities.

We recognise the capabilities of the hose and its applications and offer a wide range of PVC hose products that include:

  • Pressure hoses
  • Suction and discharge hoses
  • Layflat discharge hoses
  • Nylon pressure tubing

Pressure Hose

We offer a variety of PVC pressure hoses for many specific operations, like:

  • Air / water transfer for low temperature flexibility
  • Fire reel hose for extinguishing fires
  • Drinking water transfer
  • Fitted garden hoses for water transfer
  • Wine transfer – other liquids such as fruit juices and mineral water can also be transferred

We have what you need to get the job done.

Suction and Discharge Hoses

We have an assortment of suction hoses to suit different applications, which includes hoses for:

  • Petrol and oil
  • Marine sanitation
  • Chemicals
  • Wine
  • Grains

As well as PVC air seeder hoses, which are important for the agricultural industry, we have food and beverages hoses that are best for transferring milk and wine. The food grade hoses that we stock are known for their solid performance.

Layflat Discharge Hose

Layflat hoses are the number-one choice for: irrigation, dewatering and water-pumping applications.

We stock a selection of hoses with different burst pressures:

  • Low pressure (best used for drainage)
  • High pressure (ideal as a drainage hose for the mining and civil engineering industries)
  • Extra heavy duty (for use in mining; irrigation; construction and dewatering applications)

Nylon Pressure Tubing

Nylon tubing is known for their incredible versatility and is therefore appropriate for the agricultural, manufacturing and construction industries. We have a range including

  • Semi-rigid tubing that is ideal for high pressure (2500psi) needs
  • Airbrake tubing for heavy duty vehicle
  • Recoil airhoses with 175psi working pressure and 700psi burst pressure

If you need advice on PVC hoses and their many applications, you can call us on (08) 9314 1833 so that one of our staff members can answer your questions. You can also fill in the online web form or email us at sales@westatehose.com.au.

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