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Hose Clamp Suppliers in Western Australia

Clamps are essential items in the manufacturing, construction and agriculture industries, and the use of the wrong type of clamp can be dangerous.

We stock three different types of worm drive clamps:

  • W1 made from mild steel
  • W3 made from all stainless steel
  • W5 made from all high grade stainless steel

This material ensures that they have a long-life expectancy. They are extremely easy-to-use and are adjustable so that you can clamp large or small hose. If necessary, you can also attach another worm drive clamp to double the size.

Pipe clamps are rubber-lined and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4mm to 76mm. These are the seamless solution for keeping hoses, cables and pipes firmly supported.

The cobra hose clip is a dependable one-piece connector made from stainless steel for hose and pipe systems; it can be used across a multitude of industries. It is ideal for the connection of hoses for irrigation purposes, as well as pneumatic , ventilation and suction lines. In order to seal it, you will need to use hand-held pliers or compressed air pliers. Cobra hose clamps are designed to withstand and counteract changing weather and pressure conditions.

For advice on our clamps and their host of applications, you can call us on (08) 9314 1833 and a member of our staff will gladly answer all your questions. You can also fill in the online web form or email us at

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